Emilie Griffin is 75 and an award-winning playwright. She is on the board and speaking team of Renovare and the author of Small Surrenders and Wilderness Time. In this autobiographical work, she probes the ways in which her Christian faith informs her spiritual journey in her later years. Griffin is excited about sharing the bits of wisdom she has picked up through observation, reading and study, and conversing with others.

The author begins with a tribute to long-lived individuals she respects such as Nelson Mandela; two men she worked with in Renovare, William Vaswig and Roger Fredrikson; Billy Graham's wife, Ruth Bell Graham; and Peter Drucker, a management guru. Griffin, who suffers from chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis also salutes the diligence and creativity of two artists who had the same malady — Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Henri Matisse. In all these examples, we find evidence of a joyful disposition, a gratitude that keeps expanding, and a positive perspective.

Other aspects of the spiritual life in later years covered in this paperback are grief, friends, resetting goals, picking up the pieces, and dealing with age. Griffin finds meaning and encouragement for aging both in the Bible and in contemporary life stories in movies. Each chapter ends with reflection questions and a prayer.