Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and the author of many bestselling books. For information on her projects, lectures, and events visit her website She is also featured as one of Spirituality & Practice's Living Spiritual Teachers.

Williamson has been a teacher of The Course in Miracles ("a self-study program of psychotherapy based on universal spiritual themes") for 35 years. She has watched it work wonders in people's lives as they "change the nature of [their] thinking from fear and limitation to faith and love."

The author sees a great need for the spiritual themes of The Course in Miracles as she hears about peoples' fears in these times of economic uncertainty about unemployment, the dangers of investments, the waning of the economy, the debt crisis, house foreclosures, and the widespread anxiety over having enough money to make it through older age.

The Law of Divine Compensation assures us that everything will be all right since the universe is set up to work for us, or as Williamson puts it later, "Think of the universe itself as a personal love note from God to you." We are challenged to believe that miracles do happen and what is lacking can become abundant. All it takes is a shift in perspective and a faith in positive outcomes.

The Law of Divine Compensation is based on love and can be de-activated by a negative view of self, anger, guiltm and judgment. Our spiritual task in life, according to Williamson, is to overcome the ego mind of fear. One of the keys to dispelling anxieties about money is to see our work as the hub of our spiritual life. Each day we face a new assignment that stretches our positivity and our being of service to God and others.

"As a child of God, you are inwardly abundant." Miracles abound when you see yourself as "God's gift to the world." Abundance and prosperity, according to Williamson, come to those with a pure heart and the attitude of gratitude.