Pema Chodron is an American Buddhist nun in the lineage of meditation master Chogyam Trungpa. She is resident teacher at Gampo Abbey, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery for Westerners in North America. Chodron is a Living Spiritual Teacher profiled on Spirituality & Practice; there you will find links to reviews of and excerpts from her books, audio lectures, e-courses, and more.

On this seven-hour session on seven CDs, the veteran teacher presents an overview of 59 lojong or mind-training slogans. She also offers advice on sitting mediation, delivers practices to enrich our compassion for others, answers some questions on the very difficult aspects of lojong practice, and delivers three guided meditations on tonglen meditation.

Chodron has stated that she still marvels at the ways in which mind-training slogans can use both positive and negative experiences as a means of awakening compassion. We, in turn, are astonished at the depth of these simple maxims which encourage equanimity, mindfulness and transformation. Over the years, we have enjoyed working with the slogans "Be grateful to everyone," "Always maintain a joyful mind," and "Don't expect applause."

A special added treat are exercises at the end of each of the seven CDs on a variety of topics including giving, sharing, and seeing that we are all in the same boat. Chodron's relaxed and engaging teaching style is perfectly suited to this wisdom-inducing in-depth study course!