Howard Thurman (1889-1981) was a pioneer in a Christian faith perspective that was open to interfaith dialogue, social activism, nonviolence, and mysticism. He was the founder of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples in San Francisco, the first interracial and interdenominational church in the United States. Thurman wrote more than 20 books which revealed his multidimensional interest and talent in theology, poetry, philosophy, and the mystical path.

Donna Schaper, the editor of this volume of the 40-Day Journey Series from Augsburg Books, is perfectly matched with Howard Thurman given her leadership as Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church in New York City, her long history of social activism, and large number and varied content of the books she has written. Schaper provides a lively and appreciative introduction to Howard Thurman and his "broad, compassionate, and inclusive spirit."

All 40 readings that Schaper has selected are from A Strange Freedom: The Best of Howard Thurman on Religious Experience and Public Life, edited by Walter Earl Fluker and Catherine Tumber. Here you will find material on security, God's presence in everyday life, facing the threat of death, the art of centering down, the meaning of personal freedom, the need for inner equilibrium, and the work of affirmation mystics.