Welcome to Carol Orsborn's "journey into the wild space beyond midlife" as unspooled in her diary. This resource reflects what she has learned writing 20 books on spirituality, getting a doctorate in religion, and recovering from breast cancer. The author has spent a lot of time and energy studying and writing about the baby boom generation and, as a result of this, is considered a thought leader on this subject. Orsborn is Executive Director of CoroFaith, which offers audio-based spiritual content to hospitals and the aging community.

Following a disappointing birthday, Orsborn ponders the need to wean herself from the compulsion to live large. It is saner to let her life "find its own cadence." She uses Sam Keen's book Hymns to an Unknown God as a guide to the challenge of entering her years of spiritual maturity. After some soul-searching, she comes up with a list of "11 Spiritual Truths of Aging" (see the excerpt). She realizes that it is time to give up worrying about who she used to be and to quit measuring herself according to the expectations of others.

Eventually, the author decides to give up the role as director of her life story and let God take charge. She concludes the book with a prayer: "I am grateful to you, God, for the gift of growing old and for the promise of a future that is always free and full of possibilities."