At one time or another in our lives, we all yearn to break free of our day-by-day life and escape to a world of risk, adventure, courage, and heroism. We turn to books for awesome accounts of the journeys of others but few of them succeed in making the journey into something special.

Writer and illustrator Aaron Becker has fashioned a magical tale with no words about a creative little girl who is bored and can't get her parents to do anything with her. So she uses her red maker to draw a door on the wall of her bedroom and begins a trip that is filled with strange sights and unfamiliar places. She creates a boat and sails to a large and ornate city. When she can go no further in her boat, she draws a balloon and it takes her away. When the little girl sees a bird in a cage, she liberates it out of kindness and empathy for its plight. Now all she has to do is find her way home.

This children's book has been designed for kids from ages four through eight. Here is a journey worth taking with its thematic richness in the treatment of art, empathy, and heroism.