Churchill the pig is a happy camper who cherishes many things in his life: smelling beautiful flowers, painting self-portraits, playing classical music, reading good books, and having tea with his friends Billy and Guff. But when he loses the one thing he treasured above everything else — his tail — he is distraught.

His buddies round up other animals — a zebra, a peacock, a tiger, and others — who are willing to lend him their spare tails. Only trouble is that Churchhill spends so much time on this self-improvement project that he has no time left for his friends anymore. Will he find his own wonderful tail? What will happen to him if he loses his friends who care about him so much?

This is writer and illustrator AncaSandu's first children's picture book, and it is a gem filled with interesting animal illustrations. Its involving story has a universal message about the importance of friendship and the things we can learn about ourselves when we embark on personal quests. Churchill's Tale of Tails is designed for children from 4 through 8 years of age.