In this beautiful children's picture book written by J. Bradley Wigger and illustrated by Jago, boys and girls from 3 to 8 years of age can get in touch with the blessings and wonders that fill a day from the rising of the sun to the darkness of the night. On the opening page, the author shares:

"Thank you, God,
for the sun smiling on our earth
to wake up the day,
for the light opening my eyes
to see all you have made."

God is also thanked for family and friends who lift our spirits, for our homes which provide us shelter, for meals together which provide nourishment and fellowship, for stories and songs which touch our hearts, for "the big and beautiful" natural world of "trees and leaves and sky, dirt and flowers and fields, lakes and rivers and seas," and for all that breathes, and for all the beauties of the night, and last, but not least, the "your love holding us together."

Thank You, God is the perfect gift for a grandparent or other adult to give to a child in order to share your appreciation for the bounties of God present in ordinary days.