Eva Wong is an independent scholar and a practitioner of the Taoist arts of the Pre-Celestial Way and Complete Reality lineages. She has written and translated many books on Taoism and related topics. She explains that the hub of the Taoist way is "the art of being free and easy wandering," which refers to the "playful journey of a completely liberated consciousness through the limitless expanse of the Tao."

The challenge of Taoism is to live fully in the public, domestic, private, and spirit sectors of life. Wong encourages us to take note of the art of leadership through the voice of the sage. She also wants us to be on the lookout for ways of balancing, integrating, and unifying worldly and spiritual wisdom. When these arts unfold in our days we become the living embodiment of yin and yang.

The Tao gives birth to all things but is not attached to them. Instead the Tao is elusive, slipping out of the human need to control everything. Wong translates:

"The Tao moves in an unpredictable manner and changes in a mysterious way. It leaves no tracks and casts no shadows. It starts off behind but arrives first."

Shifting to a fishing metaphor, she advises:

"Use the Tao as a rod, virtue as the line, propriety and music as the hook, and compassion and integrity as the bait. Cast them into the river or drop them in the ocean, and all things in the world will come to you."

In a chapter on "The Natural World," we learn that wise individuals do the appropriate ceremonies and rituals for the month. In Taoism, all things are connected, and it is mandatory that human beings understand the natural order of things. By living in simplicity and abiding in stillness, one is energized. Too much activity and thinking damage the spirit.

These teachings of the Taoist masters hit the nail right on the head with their practicality. You will want to peruse through the material on healthy lifestyle, diet and eating habits, and a healthy sexuality. Wong hits high stride with nine ways of cultivating the Tao. We were very impressed with the diligent mix of poetic style and wise advice given throughout the book.