This tie-in to Disney Pixar's animated film Inside Out consists of five color-coded little books, written by Brittany Candau and illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama, each devoted to one of the five emotions that play such a big role in the film.

  • Joy in Yellow shares with us the many things she is happy about.
  • Sadness in Blue describes her feelings of confusion over the world and all the losses she experiences.
  • Disgust in Green focuses on the gross things she's encountered.
  • Fear in Purple reflects on the terrifying things out there.
  • Anger in Red lists the things that tick him off.

Reading the books, you and the children in your life will be encouraged to acknowledge all the different ways you can feel each day in response to different events. Then as you put the books back in their slipcase, you can decide which one to have show through the opening in the back that says "The Emotion in charge today."