Pysanky are decorated eggs made by creating patterns out of beeswax and layers of dye to welcome the spring. The tradition originated in the Ukraine and has spread around the world. This book came out of the party Julie Pashkis's sister and her husband have every year where family and friends decorate the eggs.

P. Zonka is a chicken on her own since she has not laid an egg. Her peers denigrate her as they keep up their productivity. They try to find reasons why she is the way she is. Ultimately they label her lazy and a dreamer since all she ever does is wander around staring at flowers and the clouds.

P. Zonka has a high regard for the beauty of colors, and when she lays her first egg, it is a multi-colored masterpiece. We clucked with wonder at the end of this outstanding children's picture book designed for boys and girls from 4 through 8 years of age.