Spirituality flourishes when you get involved in something you love. This book illustrates that understanding of life.

A little girl is sad because she is moving to the city and will have to leave behind her favorite things in the world – butterflies. When her family arrives at their new home, instead of hearing birds and crickets, they hear only horns and trains. But the girl is happy to discover that right next door is a place called "Butterfly Park." She only sees one butterfly there and it flies away. When she finds it in a neighbor's yard, she convinces the boy and some other kids to join her in her quest.

Then she realizes she needs flowers to attract butterflies. The next day she takes some to the park but there are still no butterflies -- until her neighbors arrive with trowels and dirt and shovels and help her turn the park in to a big flower garden. Thanks to this experience of community, both the butterflies and the little girl feel at home there.

Elly MacKay's paper-cut artwork provides a perfect accompaniment to her sturdy story of love and beauty. The book has been designed for children ages 3 and up.