It is not easy to nurture a lasting relationship, as is evident in the statistics on the proportion of marriages ending in divorce across the Western world: 53% in the United States, 43% in Australia, 47% in the United Kingdom, 49% in Germany, 55% in France, 71 %in Belgium and 68% in Portugal. Sarah Napthali has been in a domestic partnership for nearly 20 years. She has two teenage boys and is a long-time practitioner of Buddhist teachings. Napthali's intention in this book is to show how these teachings can help "strengthen our connection with our partner so that we can experience more love and friendship."

The first thing to note is that it is important for couples to acknowledge that all relationships will have periods of difficulties and setbacks. The Buddhist insight to keep in mind is impermanence. Everything changes and both partners must learn to go with the flow and accept the good and the bad, love and irritation, sunshine and shadows.

Buddhism has helpful counsel on mind training which comes in handy when dealing with negativity, anger, and difficult behaviors. Napthali excels in a rich chapter on "Being Authentic and Present with Our Partner" with wise advice on sharing, honesty, and mindful listening. And, of course she incudes sections on sex and infidelity.

All in all, Buddhism for Couples covers the turf and gives us many exercises and practices designed to bring more peace and understanding to this intimate relationship.