The play of children has many variations – ranging from rowdy and boisterous antics to creative uses of leisure time to just plain silliness. The energy expended on play is a wonder to behold. No wonder play keeps changing shape and will not sit still for a portrait. Writer and illustrator Michelle Lee is a lover of play that is spontaneous and voluntary.

Nico, a bear and Pip, a pig, are friends and enjoy playing together. But one day, Nico just wants to play his cello. Pip, on the other hand, wants them to frolic playing ball, dolls, house, and blocks or jumping rope, dressing up, or playing hide-and-seek. Nico, ever the patient one, watches his friend's energy bursts and finally comes up with a way for them to play together which appeals to both of them!

Play with Me! is a jolly-good children's book with a lively and appealing story and merry watercolor illustrations. This celebration of friendship, creativity, energy, and play is aimed at girls and boys from ages three to five.