Sharon Lipinski is the founder of Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles, the largest electronic repository of information documenting the tools, strategies, and accomplishments of some of America's 800 charitable giving circles. In this wide-ranging and morally uplifting paperback, Lipinski defines generosity as "intentionally, freely, and frequently giving to improve your life and the lives of others."

For many, this salutary virtue is little more than a head-trip. In several research studies, those who thought of themselves as being generous actually didn’t give as much as they thought they would or should.

Lipinkski discusses the seven habits which will help you unfold a generous life: physical health, mindfulness, relationships, connecting with yourself, gratitude, simplicity, and philanthropy. For each day of the year, she offers actions that will put one of the seven generosity habits into play.

The author has high hopes that readers will "find the courage, strength, and motivation on your journey to give more of who you are and what you have to give yourself, to your loved ones, and to the world."

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