Writer Erica Silverman and illustrator Laure Fournier have written an inspirational book for children ages 3 through 8. It tutors them in the art of paying attention while walking urban streets. It also challenges all to honor the singularity of things.

The city is fast asleep as a father and his young daughter leave the house. The street lamps are still aglow, and they notice that "the tall trees doze, and rows of cars sleep tail to nose." They feel that empty benches in the park might actually be lonely in the dark.

Then "something changes. Something shifts. Like a curtain rising, darkness lifts." The city wakes up. A woman warms up and begins her morning run. The driver of a street cleaning truck waves at the father and daughter. They witness the early morning run of a rumbling garbage truck. They watch with delight a van delivering food. They notice bodies in motion at the busy gym. Gardeners are already at work, and a man with a jack-hammer personifies progress and renewal in the city.

At last, father and daughter reach their destination: school for the little girl! Her lessons have already begun with all she has seen and experienced on the walk with her father.