In this new edition of Sue Monk Kidd's 1989 memoir, we are treated to "the adventure of opening up one of God's surprises, the most joyful one of all — His love. I want to share the ups and downs, ins and outs, whys and hows of finding yourself loved by God."

This intention is a noble one but like most people, Kidd is worn-out by other demands and expectations such as being a superwife, a supermom, successful career woman, church pillar, community helper, and fulfilled person. She is so busy doing that she has no time to answer the Divine call to the transformation of her life or the grand and glorious dimensions of God's unconditional love.

Kidd senses the challenges which lie ahead of her — "The pace of my religious activities left little time to get to know God personally, let alone enter the depths and mysteries of God." She comes to see that the moment she gives in to silence, the real adventure can begin.

"Life doesn't stop for the holy to happen. Holiness occurs in the course of life — or never. You simply open to God here and now." Kidd communes with a mimosa tree outside her bedroom window and experiences a coming home to herself. She discovers that God speaks to us in, through, and under trees, plants, rivers, oceans, and air.

Another key discovery is this one: "The joyful experience of being loved by God makes it impossible for us to separate loving God from loving others. No matter how we express our love for one another, we may be sure that God will multiply His Presence to us. For we are nearest God when we love." That's the spiritual core in all its simplicity and that's what lends both energy and perseverance to our journey through life. Kidd has learned her lessons well!