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God's Joyful Surprise A memoir about waking up to the presence of God's love.
When the Heart Waits A spiritual memoir on answering the summons to a deeper spiritual life.
Traveling with Pomegranates Reflections from Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter on the quest for meaning on trips to Greece and France.
Firstlight Early essays and stories from one of our best writers of spiritual nonfiction and fiction; it opens our hearts to light and love.
The Mermaid Chair A novel about Celtic spirituality, The Sacred Feminine, and God's manifold comings-and-goings in family, nature, rituals of remembrance, love, and marriage.
Traveling with Pomegranates A reflection by Sue Monk Kidd as she approaches age 50 on the desire to make a pilgrimage.
The Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd's passage exploring the inner nurturing of the Black Madonna.
The Secret Life of Bees A heart-affecting novel about a young girl's coming of age through the transforming power of love.
The Dance of the Dissident Daughter An autobiographical work that will help women find their innate spirituality.