Sebastian de Assis is a writer and international teacher who conducts workshops, seminars, and presentations on his concept of Power Aging which he defines as "the potential for self-empowerment." Emboldened by simplicity and having given themselves wholeheartedly to the present moment, elders can set out on the Zen path which leads to liberation. With great gusto de Assis shares his creative and expansive ideas on becoming a Zen martial artist of life.

Squaring off with the Great Mystery, elders can turn to the intangibles of the holy trinity of Zen — Great Faith, Great Doubt, and Great Determination. Those who choose to take this route do not expend their time and energy lamenting the limitations of old age or bemoaning the struggles and pains that assault the body during this stage of life. Instead they seek to expand their horizons and are always on the lookout for ways to advance the common good.

De Assis closes ZENior CitiZEN with praise for elders who complete the circle of the aging process with persistence and dignity. He then heralds the Four Noble Principles of service, wisdom, benevolence, and courage. He commends Maggie Kuhn and the Gray Panthers for their affirmation of adventuresome elders.

ZENior CitiZEN is a refreshing and life-affirming spiritual vision of being an elder.