Jared Patrick Boyd is a minster (Vineyard USA), spiritual director, and founder of The Order of Sustainable Faith, a missional monastic order for the twenty-first century. This challenging and inventive work is aimed at those committed Christian parents who are willing to take on giving their children real experiences of God. To achieve this goal, Boyd uses the spiritual practice of imagination and Ignatian practices. He encourages mothers and fathers to serve as their children's first spiritual directors

There are six sections in this 12-month guide:

  • God's Love
  • Loving Others
  • Forgiveness
  • Jesus Is the King
  • The Good News of God
  • The Mission of God

The spiritual intent here is to help kids to see themselves as part of the ongoing story of God. Boyd quotes English writer and theologian G. K. Chesterton: "There is something mysterious and perhaps more than moral about the power and call of imagination."

We are glad to hear about anyone who is able to make the connection between this spiritual practice and both spiritual direction and spiritual formation. This is the kind of nurturing that is necessary for the transformation and renewal of Christian families and communities.