"How much are we really like those who look like us?" "How much like us do those we love have to be?" Those are the questions asked by Boris, who was found at the edge of a swamp by two people who became his mom and dad. He grows up in their loving family, doing what kids do, even though his eyes are bigger than everyone else's and he has gills like a fish.

Then one day Boris is surprised when he smells an old scent – the swamp. He begins to doubt that he is where he really belongs. So he goes back to the swamp where there are lots of creatures just like him.

Boris's journey of self-discovery will appeal to many children – especially those who have been adopted -- who sometimes wonder if they can be truly happy when they are different from others. Readers will find themselves asking important questions and cheering Boris on during his quest.

Author Davide Cali lives in Italy; this book was translated by Laura Watkinson. The illustrations by Marco Soma creatively capture Boris's two worlds.