As a practical psychotherapist for 30 years, Mathews has spent a lot of time using a wide variety of tools to help readers understand the emotions by doing the hard inner work of intuition, discernment, and desire. As a professional trainer and workshop leader, she has made it part of her mission to enlighten people around the world about human potential and spiritual consciousness.

A major impediment to our unfolding is the good-versus-evil paradigm which has shaped so many lives with its rigidity, judgmental emphasis, and poisonous qualities of anger, fear, sorrow, and resentment.
Mathews begins with a chapter on letting go of the good and learning to be genuine instead. Along the way, she maps this clean-up operation with material on falsehoods that hold us back, making friends with difficult emotions, embracing your personal powers, and cashing in on the dividends from the healing process.

In the foreword psychotherapist Thomas Moore recommends that we turn to Andrea Mathews for ways to learn from our failures, dark spots, and the difficult and troublesome people in our lives.