In this lively, creative, and pleasure-filled book, Marilyn McEntyre presents the making of lists as a path into a wonder-filled pluriverse. For her, this practice is a way of seeing, learning, loving, letting go, and much more.

Here are some of the reasons to make lists:

  • To discover subtle layers of feeling
  • To name what you want
  • To clarify your concerns
  • To decide what to let go of
  • To help dispel a few fears
  • To claim what gives you joy
  • To find out what you still have to learn
  • To get at the questions behind the questions
  • To enjoy complete permission
  • To connect the dots
  • To explore deep attention

For each reason, she gives a few examples. A list "To Get at the Questions Behind the Questions" might explore what I wonder about my work; what's been changing this year; what's drying up or drying out and why; is this problem my responsibility, and what am I willing to know?

In a section on ways to make lists useful, beautiful, and fun, she explores the wonder of word lists, allowing lament, making a list into a poem, lists for life review, litanies, and more. In the third section on "Play Lists," she encourages us to tinker with other's lists, and to write short reflections. The appendix has more sample lists on such things as how to be happy in high school, what every adult should be able to do, what teachers can tell you, and what's worth waiting for.

Whether you tend to scribble a list on a scrap of paper or regularly fill your journal with them, you will find some great ideas here!