Nadir Khalili (1936 - 2008) was a world-renowned Iranian-American architect, author, humanitarian, and teacher. He also founded and directed the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth).

Try to imagine what it would be like to have Rumi's spiritual verses read to you every night by your grandmother, spilling over into inner nurture for each day. Then ponder both the challenge and the responsibility of studying and translating the poetry of this 13th century Sufi seer.

Now open your ears, hearts, and minds to the mystical poetry of Rumi as it weaves its way into your life and work, your private and public life. You may already be a devoted reader of the translations by Coleman Barks who has helped to make Rumi one of the bestselling poets in America. If so, you'll enjoy expanding your exposure to Rumi through Khalili's work that beautifully catches the passion in The Love Poems of Rumi.

As you read, be receptive to the mystical Sufi path as you plant the seeds of compassion and love; as you savor all the precious words that have led you into the heart of the universe; as you take note of the tranquil sea within you; as you slowly and deliberately become generous like God; as you pause to enable you soul to spark; and as you slowly give thanks for all the mercies, graces and wonders that have been showered upon you.

All this nurturing leads to Rumi's sobering poem "When I Die":

"when I die
hand me over
to my sweetheart
one kiss
on my dead lips
don't be surprised
if I come alive."

Adding to this volume's appeal is the sumptuous design by Erin Fahringer. A red bookmark ribbon allows you to readily mark your spot among the gold-rimmed pages, and mandala-like patterns adorn each poem. The book has a beautiful companion volume, The Spiritual Poems of Rumi.