This how-to book has an inviting immediacy that draws readers right into its pages with an eagerness to explore. It opens with a foreword by author and alternative-medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, Mallika's father, who explains that she learned to meditate at age nine. Her experience of learning spiritual practices as a child in the presence of a highly skilled meditator permeates the pages.

She describes the intent of her book as an aid to finding "an anchor inside yourself that is safe, happy, and quiet — and to help you tap into it, and find it, whenever you need it." She begins by giving practical instructions on building healthy habits: blowing away "butterflies in your stomach," cooling down when you're embarrassed, getting rid of a headache, falling asleep peacefully, learning a beginners' set of hatha yoga asanas, and much more. She then explores the power of silence, applying it to everyday opportunities like looking up at the sky, appreciatively experiencing the abundance that Earth provides, noticing what you're eating, making smooth transitions, and trusting your inner voice. Her concluding suggestions help you change your perspective to a "glass half full" mentality and envision the person you wish to become.

Brenna Vaughan's multi-cultural illustrations capture the spirit of Mallika Chopra's writing with a calm assurance that teaches right alongside the words. Relaxation, poise, happiness, health, and connectedness radiate from her pictures and give readers a steadying sense of what's possible. This book is meant for 9 - 12 year olds, but many teenagers and some younger children will also benefit from its well-informed encouragement.