Here are some aspirations that Erric Solomon, a meditating Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and Phakchok Rinpoche, a young traditionally educated Tibetan Buddhist teacher, send our way at the end of this beautifully designed paperback:

"May your mind become flexible, like flowing water.

May your actions be responsive to the needs of others,
like an experienced host helping guests.

May you maintain like space.
Space is immutable, it can't be harmed,
and within space things can appear.

May the light of happiness, this present moment of
warmhearted awareness shine through."

What does it mean to be radically happy? Meditation helps us to develop strategies for handling the obstacles that we encounter in the course of things. It is only normal for us to collapse under the constant pressures of work, relationships, and decision-making. The radically happy person develops a sense of well-being that makes that person less anxious and judgmental. To begin, it helps to keep the three keys to basic happiness in mind: (1) "Always react to thoughts the same way," (2) "Relax the comparing," and (3) "Be present."

The three-part plan the authors present includes mastering the mind, the heart, and dignity. Each section included principles to understand and practices to try, followed by a synthesis of their suggestions in a Daily Plan for Basic Happiness. Even readers who are familiar with all the benefits of meditation will be impressed with the accessible exercises, colorful page designs, and the personal stories that fill this fresh and creative book.

Spiritual Practice