The Way of Forgiveness is the third in a series edited by Michael Leach, Publisher Emeritus of Orbis Books; James Keane, Senior Editor at America magazine; and Doris Goodnough, Permissions Coordinator for Orbis Books. The previous books were The Way of Gratitude and The Way of Kindness. Since the intention of this series is to share inspiring stories, for this new book they have gathered more than 40 essays, tales, poems, and meditations on the benefits of forgiving and being forgiven.

Those familiar with religious writing will recognize many in the tribe of heavy-hitters included here: Dorothy Day, Frederick Buechner, Joan Chittister, Bryan Doyle, Harold Kushner, Jack Kornfield, Anne Lamott, James Martin, Henri Nouwen, Mary Oliver, Joyce Rupp, Marianne Williamson, and many others. These are the kind of spiritual teachers who can take your breath away as they convey the difficult and delicate power of forgiveness.

The essays are organized into three sections: Forgiving Yourself, Forgiving Others, and The Forgiveness of God. Many perspectives are given here on this spiritual practice recommended in all the world's religions. We especially like this one from the three editors: "Forgiveness is warm, it heals the cracks in even the most hardened hearts. It is strong, it lasts. It is forever, even if it takes seventy times seven times to get it right. And most of all, forgiveness is from God — it will set you free."