Are you aware of the magic and the mystery of "the feathered parade" in the sky when "on peak nights in spring tens of millions of birds, representing hundreds of different species, are moving north all across the continent"? Kenn Kaufman, a writer, artist, photographer, world traveler, and renowned bird expert, may know more about this marvel than anyone else on the planet. He has received the American Birding Association's lifetime achievement award — twice!

These migrants do not have license plates or carry passports, Kaufman notes, but even the tiniest of the birds (weighing about one half an ounce) has probably zipped across the Gulf of Mexico at least four times and journeyed thousands of miles under its own power.

The author laments the dangers these intrepid travelers face including collisions with wind turbines, contact with pesticides, crashes with airplanes, and extreme weather-pattern changes. Kaufman has great respect for the beauty and the incredible flying feats of the birds, and he succeeds in passing this reverence on to us.