We live in tense, busy, and scary times. Those who have spent time on the path of everyday spirituality have discovered that blessings provide a devotional, healing, and salutary antidote to downward pulling emotions, moods, and habits.

Meta Harrick Carlson, a parish minister, wife and mother, has gathered together an uplifting collection of what she calls "ordinary blessings."
Some are prayers, some are poems, and some are meditations. Her poetic prose is suitable for use at home, work, retreats, small group discussions, and caregiving missions.

Carlson has divided the book into twelve thematic sections:

  • Blessings for Everyday Life
  • Blessings for Loving Yourself
  • Blessings for Loving Others
  • Blessings for Living with Each Other
  • Blessings for Authenticity
  • Blessings for Hard Things
  • Blessings for Bodies
  • Blessings for Work
  • Blessings for Turning Points
  • Blessings for Important People
  • Blessings for Nature
  • Blessings for B-List Holidays

This little volume is filled with ways to enrich obvious and not-so-obvious occasions. Here are blessings for the bus stop, grocery shopping, decluttering, a sleepless night, when someone comes out to you, sitting near small children in an airplane, being bullied, righteous anger, imposter syndrome, holiday grief, infertility, asking for a raise, paying off a debt, climate change disasters, tax day, daylight saving time, and many more.

Carlson rekindles the ardor and the flame of blessings and opens the doors for us to expand our use of these practices.