Ali Roff Farrar is Editor-at-Large and a columnist at Psychologies Magazine; as part of that work she has interviewed many spiritual teachers. She has discovered that health is holistic and can be seen as well-ful-ness which she defines as "the quality or state of combining ancient wisdom with contemporary psychology to create life-enhancing transformation through greater awareness." At the core of this understanding is mindfulness.

Farrar begins her wellfulness journey with probes of conscious awareness around food, body and movement, and space. She chooses food as the place to begin and has a talk with her body, mind, and heart. The result is a mindful eating experience based on the question "How do I feel?"

Farrar calls this book "A Manual for Mindful Living" and there are helpful meditations on a bodyscan, being with your emotions, lovingkindness to others, grounding yourself, and observing your thoughts. Balancing these positive tools are lists of habits that do not enhance our wellfulness such as overthinking, overworking, looking for the threats/negatives, and living from ignorance, ego, avoidance and fear.