Donald Altman is a psychotherapist, international mindfulness trainer, an award-winning writer, and former monk who draws out the relevancy of mindfulness to the contemporary world; he is profiled in S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers Project. In this paperback aimed at educators, coaches, counselors, and business persons, he explains the neuroscience of this practice for stress reduction; an overview of how it can bolster creativity, productivity, and creativity; and 35 practical ways mindfulness can be used at home and work.

Over the past decade, Buddhists of all stripes have deluged the marketplace with books on mindfulness and proof of its value using scientific measurements and anecdotal evidence of its practicality. Altman adds a few fresh angles to this well-tread subject and provides a handy index in the back to the books "Experiences and Exercises." Some we appreciated are: Noticing for 3-Minutes, Planting a Friendship Garden, Work Transition Points, and Reflection on Time Spent.