Caitlin Matthews, an accomplished teacher of Western spirituality and Celtic folklore, is the author of over 30 books. In this impressive work, she focuses on the many guises of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. With great erudition, Matthews explores the connection between Sophia and mysticism, creativity, spirituality, healing, and the sacred in the natural world.

Although the Goddess was reverenced in many ancient societies, she was eventually eclipsed by male deities. Then Sophia re-emerged in gnostic, pagan, Judeo-Christian, and Islamic traditions as the Bride of God, Black Goddess, Apocalyptic Virgin, and Mother of God. However, the Protestant Reformation essentially closed down this multidimensional access to Sophia.

The last chapter in the book charts the recent outcroppings of Sophia where she continues "to bring fire to all souls." Matthews discusses the meanings of Mary's Assumption; the new emphasis upon the Divine Feminine in Judaism, Christianity, and psychology; the rebirth of a Goddess-based spirituality; and a vision of Sophia as a protector of the dispossessed and excluded.

With fanfare, the author concludes: "And so it is that the most ancient forms of Sophia are appearing among us, not in cults, icons and theories, but at the edge of need, among us. Sophia is embodied by all who come to that needful edge, to the sudden abyss, to the margins of challenge: she is warrior, savior, spouse, sister. She does not abandon us; she shares the hardships and suffering. But beyond everything, she enables us to engage passionately with the wisdom inside us, so that we come within sight of our ancient future which is the eternal now."