In Dream Gates Robert Moss says that one of the gifts of dreaming is "we can remember the deeper purpose of our lives and walk the path of soul and spirit with the courage and passion it requires." In this accessible, enlightening, and enthusiastically presented 12-session workshop, he offers fresh insights into the value of nocturnal journeys as sources of healing, awakening, insight, and mystical meaning.

As a former professor of ancient history and philosophy, Moss is a skilled interpreter of the ancient Greek Asklepian dream healing arts, aboriginal dreamtime, and shamanic practices used by indigenous peoples all over the world. As a lifelong dream explorer, the author outlines ways to enhance your recall and to use dreams for guidance and creativity. Some of the most inspiring and adventuresome segments in this workshop are on finding and befriending spirit guides, soul remembering, and mapping an understanding of the afterlife.

The depth and the breadth of Dream Gates by Robert Moss makes this a perfect resource for all travelers in dreamtime.

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