At one point or another in our lives, we have all received a phone call from someone we were just thinking about, gotten a new job offer at the perfect moment, or met our soulmate by chance at just the right time. Robert H. Hopcke, director of the Center for Symbolic Studies, explores these meaningful coincidences which C.G. Jung called synchronicities. The author, a psychologist, has gathered stories about birth and death, love, work, dreams, friendship, illness, and spiritual quest designed to open our eyes to "the beauty, order, and connectedness of the tales we are living."

Hopcke explores the acausal, emotional, and symbolic aspects of synchronicities. He also challenges us to read these events for their deeper meanings. There Are No Accidents reveals our lives to be filled with a mystery and a magic that defy reason and elicit in our hearts nothing less than sheer joy.