A memoir recommended for those who have suffered from not feeling good enough or from severe depression and seek to hear the whispers of the Divine.

Robert Benson, who leads retreats and workshops on spirituality and writing, ponders the mysteries he has encountered in his life. This fourth generation churchgoer begins with his battle against severe depression and ends with an essay on seeing all the saints and holy ground in our daily lives. Benson affirms the yearning that draws us to the One who dreamed us into being. He writes: "Deep within each of us is the urge to know and be known. It is as central to the core of our being as is the urge to dance in the sunshine or cry at weddings or sing in the shower or laugh at children who fall backwards into the snow."

Benson also believes that the spiritual practice of listening for the whispers of the Divine is one of the great adventures of faith. "Perhaps we are afraid that God does not regard us highly enough to speak to us anymore — a rather funny position to take for those who claim to be the children of God. Perhaps we are afraid that God no longer speaks to anyone much anymore or that we can no longer recognize the Voice. . . . I am convinced that the Voice that whispered us into being still whispers within us and all creation. I am dead certain of it sometimes, terrified of it at other times. longing for it at all times."

Whether pondering the power of prayer or musing on the challenge of becoming the body of Christ, Benson stays focused on the manifold ways in which the Holy One is spelling out meaning in the midst of our unfolding lives. This is a well-written and soulful spiritual autobiography.