This book is Volume One in a new series titled Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious: Reflecting American Culture Through Literature and Art. (See right for links to the other volumes.)

About the series: Images and symbols, what Carl Jung called archetypes, reflect the inner recesses of our personal and collective soul. They inhabit the art, literature, and media of our time and deeply influence how we live our lives. This impressive series of four anthologies containing poetry, fiction, photographs, and drawings was conceived by Jeremy P. Tarcher and edited by therapist and author Mark Robert Waldman. Philip Dunn and Manuela Dunn Mascetti of the Book Laboratory have designed each volume with 50 full-color illustrations. Psychology, culture, and spirituality come together in a fruitful and fascinating dialogue about the American spirit in all of its enchanting and infuriating mystery and paradox.

About this volume: Shadow: Searching for the Hidden Self, with an introduction by Robert Bly, delves into those parts of ourselves and our culture that we would rather not acknowledge or accentuate: anger, greed, selfishness, hatred, violence, and much more. Enter the dark impulses at work in Herman Melville's The Whale, Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, William Golding's The Beast, and Shirley Jackson's classic tale The Lottery. Ponder the shadow in poems by Anne Sexton and Adrienne Rich.