Sandy Eisenberg Sasso's new children's book for ages 4 and up is designed to give parents and grandparents an opportunity to talk with children about fear, the dark, and other unexpressed anxieties brought on the by the terrifying realities of the post 9/11 world. Sasso, an award winning children's author and spiritual development expert, and illustrator Joani Keller Rothenberg have gone back to the characters of Adam and Eve in this enchanting and remarkably astute story about the importance of faith in God and the firepower of hope in the face of the unknown and the dark.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve have never experienced the setting of the sun. As it begins to sink, he offers to have it rest on his shoulders. Eve wants to comfort it with a song. When they realize the sun is not responding, they command it to obey them. Their mood grows fearful, and they accuse each other of causing the sun to go away. Adam and Eve lament what the loss of light could mean for the plants and the animals. They then create a prayer: "God, Creator of the Great Light, do not let your world grow dark. Help us bring back the sun. Make morning again." Afterwards, they make a fire and eventually fall asleep next to each other. In the morning, Adam and Eve awake and rejoice in the reappearance of the light "wrapped around them like a robe of gold." Now they bless the sun and realize that they can bless the night as well.

We all need to believe in a new day and God's continuing blessings. Now more than ever before, young and old alike need to see the divine in the dark. Adam & Eve's First Sunset is a spiritual treat from start to finish. It lifts our spirit with the message that all is well and in God's hands.