A Place at the Table 27 diverse interviews with scholars, mystics, and evangelists that add meaning to the author's personal quest.
Abandon A marvelously inventive novel about the spiritual transformation of an Englishman studying Sufism who falls in love and opens up to the bounties of mystery and surrender.
Adam & Eve's First Sunset Another children's book that inspires us to live by the lights of faith and hope whenever fear and anxiety grab us by the throat. For Children
Attention Shoppers! Turns shopping into an opportunity to nurture one's true self, to make important choices, to deepen self-awareness, and to bring about the spiritual process of transformation.
Awake Mind, Open Heart An inspiring overview of the Shambhala warrior training developed by the Tibetan Buddhist scholar and meditation master Chogyam Trungpa.
Beside Still Waters A watershed work in the increasingly important new field of multifaith studies.
Beyond Belief Explains some of the reasons why it is difficult for many Christians to embrace pluralism or to accept the diversity of belief in the early church.
Breathing Space A well-written memoir revealing the faith, stamina, and patience needed to work for change in a community known for its violence, drugs, and unemployment.
Creating True Peace A watershed work filled with everyday practices to prevent war in our personal and public lives.
Crones Don't Whine An enlightening and winning little volume calling all women in the third phase of life after menopause to become crones.
Divinity in Disguise Playful meaning-makers and superb examples of everyday spirituality.
Fingerpainting on the Moon An innovative resource for anyone who yearns for some fresh sources of inspiration and encouragement.
Healing through the Dark Emotions Shows how troubling emotions can be seedbeds for gratitude, faith, and joy when properly nourished.
Honoring the Medicine Reveals the breadth and depth of America's original holistic medicine.
In Search of the Hidden Treasure A soul-stirring gathering of Sufi wisdom for the ages.
Islam Is . . . An Experience of Dialogue and Devotio… A salutary and illuminating work of interfaith wisdom by a Benedictine nun.
It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Y… A superb resource with some sane spiritual perspectives.
John Muir A vivid revelation of this environmentalist's love of the wildness in wilderness. For Children
Knitting into the Mystery Demonstrates the soul-making capacity of this service of nurturing.
Living the Japanese Arts & Ways An impressive overview of the principles behind bonsai, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and much more.
Mary of Nazareth, Prophet of Peace A poignant revisioning of the mother of Jesus as a practitioner of nonviolence and peacemaking.
Meinrad Craighead: Crow Mother and The Dog God 250 reproductions of the paintings of this visionary artist, along with a generous selection of her writings.
My God and I A captivating series of snapshots from the life and ministry of this unconventional teacher, preacher, and writer in the Christian Reformed tradition.
Passionate Presence Discusses her spiritual journey and the supreme value of awakened awareness.
Peace to All Beings Prayers, affirmations, and ethical activities for animal lovers.
Radical Acceptance A lively and diverse compendium of spiritual practices to tap into our innate goodness and to draw it out.
Return to Stillness Reveals the bounties of this discipline that brings peace, calm, and grace to the routines of his life.
Running the Spiritual Path Practices that can enrich your communion with God and open your heart while you are exercising.
Sacred Time and the Search for Meaning A philosophically rich work that reveals many avenues into finding a balance in your life between the temporal and the eternal.
Seeking Enlightenment . . . Hat by Hat A spunky spiritual memoir about a mystery writer's quest for God and community.
Somebodies and Nobodies A watershed work calling for a dignitarian movement based on reverence for the personhood of all people.
Spiritual Perspectives on America's Role as Superpow… 16 essays by religious and spiritual teachers on what role the United States should play in the world.
Taking Our Places An accessible and profound overview of the essentials of spiritual maturity that enables us to grow naturally into our true selves.
The Fasting Path A rounded and fascinating look at a spiritual practice that is rarely discussed in contemporary circles.
The Fifth Book of Peace A blend of fiction and nonfiction exploring the meaning and value of pacifying the world through creative writing, play, dreams, questing, and nonviolent protest.
The Genesis Meditations Describes the creation story as a meeting place for three religions and offers practices for personal meditations on its many meanings.
The Heart of Christianity A bellwether work that sets out in cogent, compassionate, and imaginative terms the direction of the Christian way in difficult times.
The Lord Is My Shepherd A devotional work that will bring comfort to those who are grieving and peace to those caught in a vise of fear.
The Path Will induce you to cherish the wonders in the place where you live.
The Power of Patience A gem from a longtime practitioner of everyday spirituality.
The Power of Soul Challenges us to begin the work of inner transformation and to bring peace and healing to a suffering world.
The Sacred Art of Bowing Presents this sacred art in many different religious traditions.
The Saints' Guide to Happiness Insights into living out of the deepest part of ourselves.
The Spiritual Practices of Rumi An overview of this pathway to ecstatic union with the Divine.
The Upper Room Dictionary of Christian Spiritual For… A summary of the key people, practices, and ideas of the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions.
The Way Things Are Philosophical insights, cross-cultural epiphanies, religious truths, memorable stories, and a wonderful batch of juicy quotations about the human adventure.
The Wisdom Way of Knowing A bold and visionary work reclaiming the lost cosmology of Wisdom.
Walking a Literary Labyrinth Recommends that we make better use of books as meditative tools in our search for wholeness.
What Jesus Meant Inspired interpretation of the eight pillars of the Christian path and the spiritual practice of justice.
Wrestling with Grace Concrete practices that can deepen and enrich your experiences of the presence of God.