Fifty years ago, Carl Jung described the second half of life as a time of spiritual ferment and personal transformation. When he reached middle age, writer Mark Gerzon found that to be true. Many men and women at midlife experience the profound confusion and turmoil that accompanies change. But this need not be a crisis. Rather it is just the way we come into our own.

In Listening to Midlife Gerzon views the journey through adulthood as a quest for wholeness. Using insights gleaned from those who have traveled before us, the author helps us to appreciate the purpose and meaning of the adult metamorphosis.

He devotes chapters to different aspects of the quest for wholeness, including recognizing the messages from our bodies, valuing love as a path to the sacred, searching for a true calling, respecting the aging process and our elders, honoring the generations, and practicing social responsibility. He concludes by examining the spiritual thread which ties together all the signs of renewal in our lives.

Don't miss this one. It's the kind of book that will comfort you in your struggle and encourage you on your quest.