In As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life Donald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal provide a wide-ranging analysis and enlightened overview of this subject. The spirituality of the 90s offers practices, values, rituals, and communities devoted to a more holistic vision of life. The ancient and long-standing divisions between mind and body, men and women, the spirit and matter are shattered.

In this watershed work, the editors map the spiritual tributaries of the decade. There are chapters on spiritual renewal in Judaism and Christianity via the rediscovery of the mystical; meditative practices; the ancient wisdom of shamanism; the psychospiritual resources of mythology, dreams, and storytelling; the recreative vitalities afoot in feminine spirituality, the men's movement and twelve-step programs; new understandings of the mind/body connection; and creativity, eco-spirituality, and compassionate action.

Most of these spiritual paths share the following qualities: an openness to both the traditions of yesteryear and today's demand for change; a heightened sensitivity to mindfulness; an integration of the quest for personal transformation with a love for the earth; a call for social activism flowing naturally from spirituality; and a respect for the quests of other seekers. As Above, So Below is a must-have resource for those interested in the new spiritual paradigm which has emerged in our times.