Anthony de Mello was the spiritual guide and director of the Pastoral and Formation Center in Lonavla India; he died in 1987. This book, adapted and enlarged by Gabriel Galache is an marvelous teaching tool for Christian contemplation. Here de Mello uses meditation, relaxation exercises, bodily sensations, and visualization techniques to delve into the heart of Jesus's nativity, his experience in the temple at age 12, his participation at the wedding feast, his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, his raising of Lazarus, and much more. "Contemplation," writes de Mello, "gives rise to wonder, wonder gives rise to love, and love gives rise to the desire to imitate Jesus in our lives."

Praying body and soul means using the imagination, and this wonderful paperback is filled with creative pathways to everyday spirituality. We are encouraged to come up with the thousand names of Jesus, to ask the Lord what he has to say through nature, and to feel the luminous touch of God. And, as always, de Mello has unforgettable stories. Praying Body and Soul will polish your desire for holy encounters with God in the midst of life.

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