This volume presents the evolution of this path from its genesis in India and its spread through China, Korea, and Japan to its export to Europe and America. The Zen spirit is a unique amalgamation of Yoga, Taoism, and Buddhism . While some teachers emphasize that enlightenment comes in a flash, others see it evolving through constant practice. The Simpkins's show how Zen practitioners have found spiritual freedom in emptiness and learned the rewards of meditation. They discuss the Zen arts of the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, archery, poetry, and various other crafts as avenues to inner development. They also pay tribute to some great Zen teachers and scholars including Dogen, Hakuin, D. T. Suzuki, Shunryu Suzuki, R. H. Blyth, and Alan Watts. Zen Around the World is a graceful historical survey filled with gems of insight about this versatile and durable path of enlightenment.