"We need a new theology of cosmos, one that is grounded in the best science of our day," writes Beatrice Bruteau in this ambitious and intellectual work. The author, the co-founder of Schola Contemplationis, an international network of contemplatives, posits that the world can be regarded as an expression of the Trinity, a Many-One that is creative, expansive, conscious, self-realizing, and self- sharing. She also uses the Incarnation (the union of the divine and the human) and Theotokos (the universe as God-bearer) to describe the world in which we live.

Bruteau believes that the cosmos is still developing and expanding; it is imperative that Christians understand and reverence this ongoing creation. With great elan, the author sets out to describe evolution, phase transition, gene wars, junk DNA, the nature of consciousness, and much more. She ends with a paean to cosmic incarnational mysticism. Bruteau's sweeping theology of cosmos bequeaths to us several beautiful and meaningful mantras: (1) Be more. (2) Be more in every possible way. (3) Communicate being . (4) Be a new whole by interaction.