Dr. Robin R. Meyers, senior minister of the Mayflower Congregational Church of Oklahoma City and a regular commentator on NPR, presents an elegantly written vision of the "lost arts" of living. It consists of l1 prescriptions for the recovery of a sacramental life of simple pleasures. Underneath this structure is grace or, as Dr. Meyers puts it, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, and about us, but we can see it only with the eyes of the heart. When we walk into it for one instant, one luminescent moment, we have a working definition of eternity."

The author salutes the fine art of conversation, music and the measured life, books as exercise for the imagination, letter writing and gift-giving as heartfelt communications, and hands-on projects in the home as a way of connecting with the physical world. Besides affirming the spiritual practices of hope, freedom, and kindness, Dr. Meyers reframes our understanding of eros in a wonderful chapter on the need for parents to demonstrate affection in the home. Morning Sun on a White Piano spells out the Christian meanings of a wholehearted life of body, mind, and soul.

Try a Spiritual Practice on Love