The Jesus stories in the gospels are filled with fire and light. They are transformative resources for spiritual growth. John Shea (Starlight), author of the compelling and revelatory Gospel Light, describes it as an attempt to "study and enjoy Jesus stories and live in the rhythms of knowing and not knowing their spiritual secrets. It delights in what they show and bows to what they hide." Among the stories covered are Jesus's baptism, the temptations, the paralyzed man, the woman taken in adultery, the footwashing, and the encounter on the road to Emmaus. With a sensitivity towards textural criticism of the past and the spiritual seekers of our time, Shea probes these stories, meditates on their spiritual truths, and ponders how their wisdom can be integrated into daily lives. He writes cogently about awakening, revelation, detachment, letting go, risk, and amazement.

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