Drew Leder, a professor of Western and Eastern Philosophy at Loyola College in Maryland and author of Games for the Soul: 40 Playful Ways to Find Fun and Fulfillment in a Stressful World, begins this adventuresome collection of 100 reflections with a story from Jewish Kabbalah about how the sparks of the Divine became hidden in the world. Now it's up to us to find them in our everyday experiences. With a smorgasbord of lively illustrative material, Leder tutors us in the art of uncovering the sparks in nature, objects, places, and events. The author advises us to become "slow-motion mystics" who are open to hints of grace that can trigger attention, gratitude, meaning, and joy.

Leder regards a cloudy day as a chance to slow down and do some inner-exploration or healing. He recommends that the next time you pass a tree, you pause and feel the exchange of breath and life between the two of you. The author sits in front of his computer and sees it as a model for a well-functioning mind. He looks at a windshield-wiper and wonders what he can clear away in his cluttered life. A fire-hydrant becomes a spiritual teacher of unplugging the energies you keep locked up inside. He suggests you muse on the spiritual meanings that come while you are watching a sports event, blowing bubbles, putting on your pajamas, and using your toaster.

Rounding out the usefulness of the book, Leder adds 15 guided meditations — he calls them shape-shifts — to take you to a fresh appreciation for the world. This spiritually literate work ends with five practices that will come in handy on your mission to find the Holy One in unexpected places.