Dr. Larry Dossey explores the link between illness, wellness and the mind-body connection. Using illustrative material from his own patients and those of other scientists and physicians, he shows how individuals have allowed negative emotions to adversely affect their bodies and health. In addition, examples are provided of men and women who have used life-affirming and positive meanings to successfully combat disease. Dossey's conclusion: "What we think about an event — the meaning we attribute to it, the interpretations we make — translates into actual physical manifestations — changes in heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure, various metabolic pathways, the function of whole organs, even life or death."

Although there may be no surefire approach to breakthrough healings, it is high time that physicians recognize that the mind-body link is an important dimension in illness and wellness. In the last chapter of this thought-provoking work, Dossey offers suggestions on how to fashion a healing environment in the hospital or at home through the use of music visualization, bio-feedback, and prayer. "Catching the meaning" in sickness and in health is something definitely worth practicing.