Animals & Christianity: A Book of Readings (edited by Andrew Linzey and Tom Regan) includes Albert Schweitzer's lament over the pain and suffering we have unleashed upon animals. He suggests that instead we do every good we possibly can for these fellow-travelers with us on earth.

Animals and World Religions by Lisa Kemmerer conveys the deep feelings of kinship and respect that indigenous people have for all members of the natural world. This excerpt shows their courtesy to this extended family of beings as they commune across species lines.

Building an Ark: 101 Solutions to Animal Suffering by Ethan Smith and Guy Dauncey attends to the perils of species about to go extinct and the cries of abandoned animals. In this excerpt the authors surrender themselves to hope, compassion, and action, convinced that each of us can make a difference in the world.

Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future by Bron Taylor shows us nature's sacredness. In this passage, Taylor posits that dark green religion is already making its mark on the global scene amongst those who adhere to the belief that the earth and all creatures are "imbued with intrinsic value, and worthy of reverent care."

Eco-Spirituality: Toward a Reverent Life by Charles Cummings blends ecology and spirituality, leading to reverence. Cummings is moved during his encounter with the Grand Canyon's majesty. He begins to see more beauty in all places and winds up with this wise advice: "Mother earth deserves a loving reverence similar to that which we show our mothers."

A Haunting Reverence: Meditations on a Northern Land by Kent Nerburn contains captivating reflections on the poetics of place and the Native American path of walking in beauty. Here he speaks as a seasoned listener to the land, learned from his own wilderness sojourns and from the wisdom Jesus, Lao Tzu, Black Elk, and the Ojibwe.

Letters From Eden: A Year at Home in the Woods by Julie Zickefoose salutes the marvels of nature on the author's 80 acres of land in Ohio. In this reading, her encounter with a box turtle newly awakened from hibernation brings lamentable statistics to life and evokes our respect for these endangered creatures.

Like a Tree: How Trees, Women and Tree People Can Save the Planet by Jean Shinoda Bolen is an extraordinary defense and tribute to the significance of these ancient beings. This passage acknowledges trees as some of the oldest living presences on earth.

The Meditative Gardener, Cultivating Mindfulness of Body, Feelings, and Mind by Cheryl Wilfong offers Buddhist mediations, quotations, and mindfulness exercises to use in your garden. Here is an excerpt about contemplating an ancient redwood tree.

Mindfulness in the Marketplace is an anthology of essays by Buddhists on dealing with consumerism, edited by Allan Hunt Badiner, John Seed, and Ruth Rosenhek. In this excerpt, they present ecological actions that can make the most difference.

Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World by Ed McGaa shows how reverence opens doors to "an ongoing multiplicity of interlocking virtues and values beneficial to the entire planet." Here, McGaa shares artist George Caitlin's tribute to the Native American ecological ethic of avoiding harm to society and creation.

The Path: A One-Mile Walk through the Universe by science-writer Chet Raymo shares some of the marvels he encounters on the path from his home to the campus where he has taught for years. In this excerpt, he reflects on the reverence needed to make our steps worthy of the landscape upon which we walk.

Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert by Terry Tempest Williams conveys reverence for the canyon wilderness in Utah. In this brief passage she yearns to keep her words wild like the place she loves. She urges us to stand our ground in defense of the places that take our breath away.

The Sacred Earth: Writers on Nature & Spirit by Jason Gardner shares a passage by Barry Lopez revering the land's mysteriousness. No matter how sensitive he may be, the land retains its secrets and variety. Lopez is grateful for the bounty of the land as it reaches out to him and reveals a sacred message in response to his attention and caring.

Sacred Trees by Nathaniel Altman explores the many meanings that trees have held for humans. Here is an excerpt on the importance of cultivating friendship with trees by visiting their natural habitats, carefully observing them, relaxing in their shade, and more.

The Woman Who Watches Over The World: A Native Memoir by Linda Hogan brings us insights into suffering, dreams, the good earth, animals, and memory. In this passage, she praises the courage and resiliency of the Chickasaw people and of Crazy Horse, whose relationship to nature was so strong that he considered stones to be family.

World As Lover, World As Self by Joanna Macy presents spiritual practices for activists working for global justice and ecological renewal. Here, she challenges us to revere endangered species and empathize with their plight.

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