Human Wisdom

Human wisdom says, Don't put off until tomorrow
what can be done the same day.
But I tell you that he who knows how to put off until tomorrow
is the most agreeable to God.
He who sleeps like a child
is also he who sleeps like my darling Hope.
And I tell you, Put off until tomorrow
those worries and those troubles which are gnawing at you today,
and might very well devour you today.
Put off until tomorrow those tears that choke you
when you see today's unhappiness,
those sobs that rise up and strangle you.
Put off until tomorrow those tears which fill your eyes and your head
flooding you, rolling down your cheeks.
Because between now and tomorrow, maybe I, God, will have passed by your way . . .
Blessed is he who puts off, that is to say
Blessed is he who hopes. And who sleeps.