"Night, the dark bridge across the chasm of our days, can be an exhilarating or anxious crossing," writes Phil Cousineau in the preface to this edgy anthology filled with poems, chants, and songs. He continues: "Whether watching the sun set, slumbering in bed, burning the midnight oil, squirming from insomnia, howling from full-moon lunacy, praying for divine guidance, or dreaming of Gothic castles, we slip across the hours of darkness as if into another world"

Cousineau, the author more than 25 books, has his finger on the pulse of nocturnal explorers. Here you will discover work from saints, poets, shamans, monks, astronomers, naturalists, and other night time workers and revelers. The six sections of the book map the vitality and the variety of Prayers at 3 A.M.:

• The Rush of Darkneses
• To Sleep, Perchance, to Dream
• Burning the Midnight Oil
• The Dark Night of the Soul
• Reconciling with the Night
• The Hush of Dawn